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"Mock-tailgating" Non-alcoholic Options in Buffalo. Go Bills!

Non-alcoholic options found at Twenty Six Allen St. and other bars for Buffalo Bills games and sporting events in Buffalo, New York.

I was recently approached with an amazing opportunity to interview with Spectrum News Buffalo to talk all about Sober One Six and our mission in Buffalo, New York! First, I want to thank reporter Kevin Hayes for reaching out and giving me a platform to share the mission of Sober One Six which is to bring awareness to the growing movement of non-alcoholic options in Buffalo and WNY by showcasing the FUN we all can focus on, rather than just alcohol. 

I had the pleasure of doing this interview with Spectrum News Buffalo at my favorite local queer bar, Twenty Six on Allen St. Twenty Six offers a variety of non-alcoholic options such as Lyres Gin and Tonic and Athletic Brewing beer. They are always looking to expand and change up their options to support the sober and sober-curious community to make sure all feel welcome. This is one of the many things that makes Twenty Six such a special place for those in similar situations to myself. Our hope is that more bars will follow suit!

The interview focused on “Mock-Tailgating” and bringing awareness to being sober or sober-curious at restaurants and bars during a sports event and many typically participate in tailgating. Buffalo is unofficially called a "drinking city" by locals so it is only fitting that the sober and sober-curious community can sometimes feel alienated when it comes to going out during a Bills game or a sporting event. It was important for me to shine a light on this topic as there are now so many non-alcoholic options at our disposal, so whether or not you are going to a venue or party to watch a Buffalo Bills game or a Sabres game, there are more options for you to drink, other than pop or water, so you do not feel like you are missing out and can have a fun mocktail with your friends!

This was actually my second interview with a media outlet about Sober One Six. My first segment was on WGRZ, Channel 7, when Sober One Six did our first Sober Drag Show at Twin Petrels Seltzer Co. The event was a fully non-alcoholic drag show and the turnout was fantastic. This propelled me to keep Sober One Six going since it was even more apparent that there is such a need for events where everyone feels included, especially when it comes to bar options. Since then, we have held events such as sober happy hours, many drag shows, fundraising events, and many more! 

As the N/A movement grows and becomes more mainstream, the options available will become more accessible, and arenas, stadiums, and bars will hopefully be more willing to carry these options.

Thanks for following along! If you like this movement, please feel free to watch the interview here and share it on your socials. We would really appreciate it!

-Mister Mocktail

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