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A Night of A Thousand Arianas was Incredible!

A Night of A Thousand Arianas was a huge hit! Thank you to everyone who showed out! We had incredible drag queens rock the stage to all the Ariana Grande hits, a new performer grace the stage (who is one of my best friends) celebrating her birthday, specialty mocktails named after Ari’s albums, and some iconic Ari-inspired outfits from all of you!

I don’t know if there are truly any words to describe the feeling of Ari Night at Rec Room. When I left to go home, I had a feeling of overwhelming gratitude… my eyes were welling up! Seeing everyone have such a good time singing along to all the songs and meeting new people, this is why Sober One Six was created… to bring people together for a common goal…to HAVE A GREAT TIME! And boy did we! Nights like this constantly prove you do not need alcohol to have a good time. We appreciate the opportunity to bring you some new, amazing events where we can all come together, no matter what!

Ending the night with a dance party on and off the stage, was the cherry on top. The night was absolutely perfect! Well, at least after I got home and took off the knee-high stiletto boots I wore…ouchie! If you had fun at Ari Night, it is just the beginning and please let us know what you wanna see next! Keep following along as we host sober happy hours, brunches, and of course more pop diva celebrations, amongst other things!

See more pics here!

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