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Breezy Burrito Bar and Sober One Six Present: A Sizzling Taste of Buffalo Mocktail

Updated: Jul 28, 2023


Years ago, my first ever mocktail in Buffalo was at Breezy Burrito Bar where I sat down at the stylish bar, sipping on a little N/A lime margarita and it was SO delicious. This was before she even had official mocktails on the menu! This was the start of our beautiful friendship and collaborations! Now, you will be able to find a few amazing mocktails chilling on the menu that you can pair with your nachos and Buffalo shrimp!

Because of her quality mocktails, the Taste of Buffalo asked Breezy to create one on the Culinary Stage! We were thrilled to be invited to join the presentation and connect with the crowd! It was amazing to share my sobriety journey and all things Sober One Six. We are a new event management and production company, working with local bars and restaurants to host fun sober-friendly events and actively working on getting more mocktails on menus throughout Buffalo and WNY.

The audience watched as Breezy created a charred pineapple jalapeno mockarita with Lyre’s agave blanco spirit infused with jalapeno, grilled pineapple, and homemade zero-proof triple sec.

We were so pleased to hear that everyone loved the drink and are excited about the growing non-alcoholic scene!

Thanks to Breezy, her team, the Taste of Buffalo and for everyone who joined the experience!

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