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Nicki Night... The Barbs showed up and showed out!!!

I would be lying if I said I was a Nicki Minaj stan prior to planning Nicki Night. After doing a deep dive on Nicki Minaj in order to create the perfect vibe for a night dedicated to her, I am happy to say I am now a BARB! I get the hype now. Her music and lyrics have a running theme and her fans all share the same sentiment. “You are THAT B****!!” Nicki Night was nothing short of an epic experience. The energy in the room was electric and the guests were READY to party! Everyone came in their Nicki-inspired looks and was ready to show them off! We wanted to build an incredible Nicki Minaj night for all the hardcore fans AND the newbies and truth be told, we certainly killed it. 

We had incredible queens who brought their obsession with Nicki through their performances. Willa DeWhisp, Mx. Purrrrrr, Winter Storm, Jojo Zahoe, and Carina Gunn held nothing back. They inspired this event! In my opinion, drag shows are so much better when the queens are passionate about the artist/songs/theme of the night. That is what makes S16 shows special. The queens were hand-selected based on their LOVE for Nicki Minaj and they brought you an authentic show! @Heatherreneephotography and @Borlax__ captured the night perfectly through their lenses. See the collection of photos here! DJ Little Italy had the best set for us and kept the party going!

We had a selection of Nicki Minaj mocktails and cocktails for our guests and a lifesize cut-out of Nicki to take photos with to commemorate the night. We want to give you an experience to remember at every S16 event! This night showed that Buffalo is ready for fun events that make everyone feel included and heard! Hey Buffalo, Sober One Six hears you and will continue to put on epic, showstopping events. I want to hear more from you! Submit your ideas here and maybe your favorite artist will be next!

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