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Mocktail Culture is Brewing in Buffalo and Mr. Mocktail is Named "the King" by the Buffalo News

Mister Mocktail in Buffalo News

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by Francesa Bond with the Buffalo News. It is truly a humbling experience getting to talk about my sobriety and the non-alcoholic movement in Western New York, and mocktails in Buffalo, specifically. It has become very apparent that mocktails and N/A beverages have not just been a trend these days, but a staple in many people's sobriety journeys. It allows the consumer not to miss out on any of the fun in everyday life activities! Like I said in the Buffalo News article, I love going out to a bar, dressing up and experiencing the restaurant in all its glory. With non-alcoholic cocktails, you get all of that and more! You get the same great, tasty, complex beverages without any of the negative consequences. Mocktails in Buffalo can be found in many establishments and it is a mission of Sober One Six to help expand menus to be more inclusive!

With the growing non-alcoholic lifestyle and community, I hope to help spread awareness and become a sounding board for others who are looking to reassess their relationship with alcohol. Whether you are trying to eliminate alcohol from your life completely, cut back, or take a break for whatever reason, Sober One Six and Mister Mocktail are here to remind you that you do not need alcohol to have fun! Sober One Six is a sober-friendly and LGBTQ-friendly event management company, working with local bars, restaurants, and organizations to bring you a fun night out where you can enjoy a mocktail (or cocktail for those who are not participating).


You can read the entire article here!

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